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Support Us

The work at The King’s Arms could not happen without the generous support of the local community.  Can you help us fund this vital work that has such an impact on the lives of young people? Ways to Donate:

By Text

It is very simple to donate by text. Just text per the picture to the side.

You will be charged your normal text message amount plus the amount you donate.

If you donate by text message then we receive all the funds your donate with no administration

charge so you can be sure we are offering the most to the young people we are working with.

By Bank Standing Order

It is so helpful when people make an ongoing donation to allow sustainability of our services.

Please download the bank standing order form, complete it and send it to our bank.  Again there are no charges and we will receive all of your donation.  If you just want to make a one off payment through the bank please use the bank details on the form.  Please also consider completing a gift aid form if you pay tax so we can claim the tax back.

By our Just Giving page

Click on the logo to the side and you can quickly and easily donate to us.

Every penny makes a difference to the young people that we work with.

Thank you very much for any gift that you give us.

By gifts in kind

We are always looking for:

A4 printer paper

Glue sticks

Coloured card

AA Batteries

By saving in the can

We have a collection of tin cans here at the centre. All you need to do is come and collect one or phone us for a fundraising pack. You simply convert your can into a collecting tin and start collecting your coppers in the can. Once you are full up either hand it over to us or take it to the bank and ask them to credit the contents to our account. All details are on the label for the can.

It’s a great way to make valuable use of your spare change.

Standing Order Form.pdf

By shopping at Amazon