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Journey reflects KA’s Christian foundations. It is for young people who are already Christian, or who want to explore faith in an open and inclusive way. We offer support and a safe space to discuss the ‘big questions’ of life, and for those who want a sympathetic environment to grow their faith or who just want to hang out with others who share their beliefs.



Exploring faith

Petersfield  |  11-18yrs  |  90mins/week 

Unite meets in Petersfield every Friday during term-time from 4.30pm – 6.00pm. Our sessions start with pizza, games and a catch-up, providing a space for young people to have fun and create new friendships. We then explore a faith based topic together and find a way to respond in a meaningful way, supporting each other on our individual journeys with God.


Exploring faith

Alton  |  11-18yrs  |  90mins/week  

Unite in Alton meets every Monday during term-time from 6.30pm – 8.00pm. We have the same general pattern of activities as in Petersfield. KA is a place where fun, faith and friendships are highly valued and Unite is a great space to address what it means to be a young person today, and bring it all to God in a safe, fun and faith-filled environment.

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If you would like to chat and find out a bit more about our Journey sessions in either Petersfield or Alton please email Dom. 


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