KA at Home is our way of bringing as much of the King's Arms as possible to young people at home; we will share videos from the team, chat, play games and quizzes with you as well as setting you challenges to try throughout your week. We have set this up as a private group just for members of KA.

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Please get your parent/guardian to fill in this consent form so you can be added to KA at Home.

It will be just for you guys from KA, no matter which group or centre you attend.

Martha, Junior Youth Worker



Monday - Friday

Join us at 3.30-4pm every day to chat, play games and challenge one of our Youth Workers.


If you have any worries and want to talk to us privately, that’s ok too, just ask.

Maybe you’re worried about school, or struggling with current issues, or maybe you just want a different someone to talk to, we’re still here for you.

We would love to have you join our KA at Home group, but before you can, your parent/carer will need to fill out and return a consent form to us to keep you safe.

This page is only for young people who have been contacted by one of our youth workers.

Code of Conduct 

Being Inclusive

  • We aim to be welcoming and approachable.

  • We want to make sure no one is left out.

  • We accept everyone for who they are.

Being Respectful

  • We aim to value ourselves, others and our environments.

  • We want to be like a family who treat each other well.

  • We care about the feelings, wishes and rights of others.

the Net 

Respect yourself - Stay safe. Keep personal information private. No meeting anyone who contacts you online.

Respect others - Respect other people’s freedom to a safe and positive Internet experience. No online bullying.


Respect the law - Use only for legal purposes as appropriate to a youth centre. Nothing unlawful or offensive.


Respect other people’s property - Copyrighted software, games, images, music and videos belong to people. No stealing.

Respect The King’s Arms IT System - Keep KA network safe and secure. No changing settings, or unauthorised access.