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Wednesday 25th March 2020

Hello everyone! We hope you are having a good week. Let's get straight into today blog with a daily update from Ben!

Thought for the day with Ben

Challenge of the day with Ben and Charlie

Today Ben and Charlie are playing Taboo. In this game both of them have cards with words at the top that they have to get the other person to guess. But they also have a list of words that they aren't allowed to say when they are trying to explaing the word. So why don't you guys play along with Ben and Charlie and see if you can guess the words before they do. Let us know if you beat them.

Getting inspired with Larisa

Disney is awesome, watch this montage of really uplifting Disney clips.

My favourite is the Ratatouille clip! What’s yours?

Keeping calm with Charlie

Self-care if feeling anxious

We all can feel a little anxious at times and some of us really struggle and feel anxious strongly and often. Well here is a link with hints on self care for those that struggle with anxiety. Have a look through the different tabs and see what could work to help you.


Keeping active with Sarah

By now you might really be missing those PE lessons! Or maybe not! Either way this Joe Wicks work out from last years Summer Holidays will keep you fit and healthy until the real summer is here and we can all get outside and enjoy the sunshine. 

Joe Wicks 18 minute summer holiday workout out for begginers:


Being creative with Mandy

Today we have another craft for you to try. Here is a link to some ideas to do with painting on sheets from old books or some old newspaper. It's quite simple to try at home so give it a go and send us some pictures of what you get up to.

Here's a link to some ideas you can have a look at on pinterest. We have included some of the images below:


Having a laugh with Martha

Hey guys, we thought it would be fun to give you some challenges to try at home. Here is a video of some challenges you can try. Let us know if you are able to do any of them or if there are any challenges you can give us to try.

Here's the link:


That's it for today guys. Don't forget to let us know what you're getting up to so we can share your posts. We have also got a new Instagram page for you guys to keep up to date, follow us at @ka_athome.

Love the KA team x