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Future and Escape are age-specific sessions offering a mix of time out with friends as well as opportunities for discussing current youth issues and volunteering.



The recent COVID-19 lockdown has meant that we can no longer offer a "drop-in" provision to our Youth Centres, however, you can still get involved.  We run a number of zoom sessions where we hang out, play games, have fun and talk about anything that may be on your mind.  We'd love to see you. 

You can also find quizzes, challenges and funny content on Instagram: @ka_athome.


Our Future group is aimed at young people aged 11-14 years old (School Years 7, 8 & 9) who are looking for a safe fun place to create new friendships and be themselves.  For those joining Year 7, school can be a little daunting, with the constant worry of "fitting in".  That isn't a worry at The King's Arms; we celebrate people's differences and shine a light on their achievements - big or small.  

What can you expect once our centres are reopened? 

The Future sessions are run on a Tuesday evening during term time and tend to be more structured than the After-School time slot, as the young people would typically stay for the whole time.  That means more group activities and 90 minutes of King's Arms fun!


Our Escape group is aimed at young people aged 14-16 years old (School Years 10 and 11).  In line with Government guidelines we have had to adapt our provision and every Friday afternoon we get together on zoom for an hour to hang out and play games, but what can you expect once our centres are fully reopened and life is back to normal?  Our Escape sessions will last for 90 minutes every Friday and will rotate between 3 themes - Junior volunteering, youth voice and being social.

The Junior volunteering sessions give the Escape group a real purpose; we develop the young people's  skills and provide them with knowledge, empowering them in becoming an amazing Junior Volunteer and Ambassador for The King's Arms.  They can then cement these skills by volunteering at one of our After-School or evening clubs with the younger age range.   It's a great addition to their CV or college/university application going forward.

Youth Voice - gives young people the opportunity to discuss what is important to them right now.  ​We expect there might be many discussions around COVID, from school, exams and their future hopes to how to socialise and have fun following the guidelines.  We'll also be discussing other topics, such as the environment and social media.   This is a time dictated by the young people, so they will be driving the topics.

And lastly, but in no way least, "Being Social" is about having fun and building friendships whilst doing something social such as a quiz night or themed evening. 

We'd love to see you!

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Our Youth Workers are also on hand to provide support and a listening ear to any young person.  Maybe you would like to discuss something that is happening in your life at the moment? 


Whilst our centres are closed, just click the red "Let's Chat" button at the bottom right of the screen and leave us a message.  One of our Youth Workers will then be in touch.


If you would like to chat and find out a bit more about our Evening sessions in Petersfield, email or call Ben on 01730 231292.  We do not currently run evening sessions at our Alton centre.



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