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The work at The King’s Arms could not happen without the generous support of our local communities.  

Can you help us fund this vital work that has such an impact on the lives of young people?

If you are able to donate by online banking we receive all your donation without any fees.

However other ways to support us are listed below. If you would like to donate particularly to the work in Petersfield or Alton please contact us so we can restrict your funding. Some funding goes into a general pot so it will benefit both locations by covering our overheads. We are very grateful for every donation we receive.

Thank you.




Fundraising needs

Please support us


Mentoring programme:  £15,000

After-school:  £30,000

Weatherproofing (insulation, secondary double glazing, door seals):  £2,000

Solar Panels:  £14,000

Rent:  £6,000


Mentoring programme: £15,000

Young Carer's transport: £6,000

Young Carer's trips: £4,000

Food for cooking: £1,500

Energy survey


Please consider donating - by doing so, you can help us to continue to support our young people.



for one Young Carer's group to share a meal together


for six 1:1 mentoring sessions at our KA centre with a Youth Worker


1 term of a Thrive
well-being mentoring programme for 8 young people to be seen for
90 mins each week.

How much

REGULAR donationS

It is so helpful when people make an ongoing donation to allow sustainability of our services.  There are no charges and we will receive all of your donation. 


Click on the link below to download our form, complete it and send to your bank.  Thank you!

1off donation


one off donation

By bank transfer:

 If you would like to make a one off payment through the bank, please use these bank details:

The King's Arms (Petersfield)



Please add your surname as the reference.


Note: although the account name is Petersfield, it covers both Alton and Petersfield.  If you would like your donation to go to a specific centre, then please add "A-" or "P-" in front of your surname as the reference eg "A-Smith"


BY cheque:


Alternatvely you could donate by cheque made payable to The King's Arms.


Simply post or drop in to your nearest centre:


20 Dragon Street, Petersfield, Hampshire GU31 4JJ 


5a Vicarage Hill, Alton, Hampshire GU34 1HT

Text KINGSARMSP to 70450 to donate £20 to Petersfield Youth Work

Texts cost £20 plus one standard rate message and you’ll be opting in to hear more about our work and fundraising via telephone and SMS.  If you’d like to give £20 but do not wish to receive marketing communications, text KINGSARMSPNOINFO to 70450.

Text KINGSARMSA to 70085 to donate £20 to Alton Youth Work

Texts cost £20 plus one standard rate message and you’ll be opting in to hear more about our work and fundraising via telephone and SMS.  If you’d like to give £20 but do not wish to receive marketing communications, text KINGSARMSANOINFO to 70085.

By text

 by Justgiving

You can quickly and easily donate to us via JustGiving.  We do run targetted campaigns throughout the year, but we also really appreciate unprompted donations.

Every penny makes a difference to the young people that we work with, so a huge thank you for any gift that you give us.

protect our centre

KA Alton's plumbing and heating
desperately needs your support

It's a bit chilly in our Alton centre and we struggle with frozen pipes and subsequent flooding - you may have seen the pictures.  No matter how hard we try (and we really do!), it keeps happening.  We regularly have to turn the water off to prevent it, which is not ideal, so we are looking for a long-term solution. 

If you feel that you could support us by making a donation to this project, we would really appreciate it.  Please visit our JustGiving page or choose one of the other methods listed above - thank you.

Protect our centre

If you would like to buy something for The King's Arms, but are not sure what, please take a look at our Amazon Wishlist.  There's pens, supplies games and even doormats listed.   

your change

Pop into our Centre and collect a can or phone us for a fundraising pack. You simply collect your loose change in the can and once it is full either hand it over to us or take it to the bank and ask them to credit the contents to our account 

The King's Arms (Petersfield)



All details are on the label of the can.

It’s a great way to make valuable use of your spare change.




Please also consider completing a Gift Aid form if you pay tax so we can claim the tax back making your donation go even further!

 And lastly... 

We always welcome gifts in kind - we are always looking for A4 printer paper, glue sticks, coloured card and AA batteries to use in the sessions with our young people.

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