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We have a fantastic team at The King's Arms; whilst each member has a different skill set, we are all creative, knowledgeable, dedicated and incredibly supportive of our Young People. 

This is the KA team.


We asked our team what they love about being a Youth Worker - this is what they said...

Team video

Caroline Aeschliman

Chief Executive

I love being part of the fantastic King’s Arms family - they are committed, energetic, passionate, and giving. They also make me laugh.


My lovely husband and I live just outside of Petersfield with our black Lab and 10 chickens. My spare time – in the garden or in front of a film!  I have worked in education, in training and development, in banking, for a leadership development company and ran my own business.  I love the buzz of working around young people and the zing they bring. I also love to hear young people come and tell me their ideas and dreams or just share what's going on in their lives, so please come and talk to me.

Here are 3 things you always wanted to know about me:

  1. People say I’m busy but I’m never too busy for people

  2. I believe in miracles

  3. I like chocolate


Mandy May-Martin

Programme Manager
Young Carers, Future and SuperSONIC 

Young at heart, older in other places.” This quote about sums me up. I love a good quote one of my favourites is, ‘A smile starts on the lips, a grin spreads to the eyes, a chuckle comes from the belly; but a good laugh bursts forth from the soul, overflows, and bubbles all around. — Carolyn Birmingham.


I love my sharpies I use them for every-zing. Ask my colleagues, they would probably tell you I’m messy, if you asked my Wife she would tell you I’m messy too and yes my desk is messy. I also love a good cup of tea. Working with young people just makes me smile.

Here are 3 things you always wanted to know about me:

  1. I have a smart bike, some say electric!

  2. I have a Camper Van - Elvis

  3. I never run with scissors.  (Those last two words were unnecessary)


Jen Hammersley

Programme Manager
Mentoring (Alton)

I live with my husband and two kids near the common, which is usually where you can find me with a zing in my step and our two daft dogs.  I trained in Marketing and worked the corporate world for a number of years before switching roles.  Now I just enjoy helping people.  I love what I do, but most of all I love the fact that as a team we can make a difference to the lives of others.

Here are 3 things you always wanted to know about me:

  1. I lived in Canada when I was a teenager and I still enjoy watching Ice Hockey matches each year.  The Guildford Flames are epic - "Go Flames Go!"

  2. I've been on the World's steepest zipline – it was truly terrifying!

  3. “Everything is awesome” with LEGO (feel free to sing along) – and no, it's not "playing", it's "building".

Dom 2.jpg

Dom Clarke

Programme Manager
Journey & After-School (Alton)

I first volunteered for KA fifteen years ago. I love the energy and zing that young people bring, and my greatest sense of vocation comes from seeing young people flourish and develop. Most of all I like having fun, hanging out, laughing and chatting. However, it is Mark (fellow KA youth worker) and the crazy scrapes he gets into that makes me laugh the most!  My path towards joining KA includes time engaged in youth counselling, homelessness prevention and church planting. My faith is my secret weapon in life and helps keep me chilled out.

Here are 3 things you always wanted to know about me:

  1. I am fanatical about board games and Dungeons and Dragons. I always have a cool game to play.

  2. I have very strange tastes in music. Einsturzende Neubauten anyone? No?

  3. I have loads of tattoos, including one of the great Johnny Cash.


Annemarie Woods

Programme Manager
After-School (Petersfield)

I have been at King's Arms a looong time and am really thrilled at how it has changed and developed, especially as the focus of being here for young people has remained the same. It feels such a privilege to welcome young people into a great space that belongs to them, where they can feel at home and be themselves.


I love learning new games and also playing old ones, particularly group games like ‘Mafia’ – they are the best! My current favourite is Zing – a bit like Twister but with lollipop sticks and carrots.

Here are 3 things you always wanted to know about me:

  1. I have 4 children; none of them are called Zebedee.

  2. I have tried and failed to do several Tik Tok dances – I challenge anyone to teach me

  3. I have walked 20% of the Scottish coast and hope to walk the rest eventually.


Larisa Mendresse-Elder

Programme Manager 
Mentoring (Petersfield)

Hi there, I have always worked with young people throughout my career but working at The King’s Arms is definitely my favourite job EVER!  The team are kind and brilliant, the young people are such fun and when I think of how lucky I am to get paid to work here, it makes my heart zing!!!

My favourite hobbies involve music, going to gigs, festivals, camping, eating kebabs, watching Musicals and listening to Whitney Houston.

Here are 3 things you always wanted to know about me:

  1. I spent a long hot Summer in Havanna, Cuba where I learnt to Salsa, make Mojitos and unintentionally swim with sharks.

  2. I am in the Guinness Book of Records for being part of the longest ‘Conga’.

  3. Working with young people is so important to me and a great privilege because as Whitney Houston once sang…“I believe the children are our future”.


Lisa Hillan

Programme Manager

Pushy?  I prefer ‘passionate’.  Intense?  ‘Focused’ or perhaps ‘motivated’. 

Busy?  ‘Immersed in the community’.

In 2007, we moved from sunny San Diego to leafy Hampshire. With a background in teaching then law, I’ve found my calling in trustee roles with local charities, church volunteer activities, and school governance. 


Volunteering with KA took an interesting turn in 2018, when I joined the staff team to set up a second centre in Alton.  Now I manage the Youthlink programme, networking with agencies, schools, charities and other organisations that support young people.

Here are 3 things you always wanted to know about me:

  1. Date nights with my husband usually include live theatre. I take theatre very seriously, especially plays with zing that make me laugh. 

  2. I was an exchange student to Portugal during my final year of high school.

  3. Did I mention that I love theatre?  And musicals.  (Still theatre.)


Will Schofield

Operations Manager

I live in Petersfield and my children all went to local schools.


After 30 years with Hampshire Police I wanted to make use of my experience to do some-zing that really matters. I cannot think of a better way than supporting and helping young people to fulfil their potential. I particularly enjoy working in a small team where everybody pitches in.


I love walking (and the pub lunch afterwards) so you may bump in to me on a nearby footpath (or pub) some time.  What really makes me laugh is watching episodes of Taskmaster.

Here are 3 things you always wanted to know about me:

  1. Although not very good at it, I enjoy growing vegetables.

  2. I love sailing (and racing) my small sailing dinghy, but seem to capsize a lot.

  3. I volunteer for Citizens Advice in Havant which is really hard work, but very interesting and rewarding.


Sarah Beechcroft-Kay

Youth Worker / Project Lead

I have been a youth worker since 2017 when I came back to work after having my little boy. I have loved working at The Kings Arms, getting to know and support so many fantastic young people. I also get to spend time with some of the most fun, interesting and caring colleagues.


​Away from KA I love running, being outdoors and having fun with family and friends and most of all, eating yummy food! I really like watching stand-up comedy for a good belly laugh and even better if I get chance to watch live shows!

Here are 3 things you always wanted to know about me:

  1. I used to be Cabin Crew for British Airways and spent lots of time in the Caribbean.

  2. I have run 5 Marathons

  3. My guilty pleasure is fast food. You can’t beat a McDonalds breakfast or a KFC Zinger Burger!


Mark Hayward

Youth Worker / Project Lead

I’m a Pompey boy through and through! Most people would say that I’m a positive, uplifting person who brings a bit of zing to every room I step in to.

Growing up, I wasn’t the best behaved youngster, but I had a couple of adults who didn’t give up on me. I want to make sure that I’m that person to the young people of today.

I have a number of hobbies and things I enjoy doing in my free time including fishing, music and spending time with my wife and two kids Aoife and Josiah.

The King’s Arms is an amazing place to work with a team who genuinely care about you.

Here are 3 things you always wanted to know about me:

  1. I can't burp! (Literally!)

  2. I once played in a couple of bands and toured round Europe and the UK.



Matt Beveridge

Youth Worker / Project Lead

I started with the Kings Arms in January 2022 as a Volunteer. I am now a Youth worker at the Alton Centre. I love the buzz and zing in the sessions with the young people. I love to see the young people aspire to do well and grow in themselves.


A little bit about myself, I live with my wife in Alton and have several pets which is always stated as having a zoo in the house. From Bearded Dragons to cats to rabbits and many more. In my career I have been a Retail manager, Hospitality manager and Volunteered in Scouting for 10 years.


Here are 3 things you always wanted to know about me:

  1. I love Lego!

  2. When everyone asks what film genre I love, it must be Marvel. (Thor, Spiderman, Loki, Hulk, Ironman)

  3. I enjoy seeing people and socialising with my family and friends.


David Loveless

Youth Worker / Project Lead

Profile coming soon.....

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