Let's talk numbers.  What have we achieved?  How many young people have we supported?  Our facts and figures broken down by project.



& Holiday


After School and Holiday Hangouts provide activities in a safe space to have fun, meet with friends and have access to experienced youth workers



In 2019/20 we held 236 After School and Holiday Hangout sessions across Petersfield and Alton with 3188 attendances of young people

Young Carers logo.png

We run the East Hants Young Carers Programme, which gives respite to young people who are caring for a relative by providing the opportunity to meet with other carers, have something that is theirs to look forward to, enjoy a meal together, get support in school or go out for a trip



In 2019/20 we held

50 monthly Young Carers clubs or trips with attendance of 597

102 school support clubs with an attendance of 291

124 1:1 mentoring sessions


evening sessions

Escape and Future are age-specific evening sessions offering time out with friends as well as opportunities for discussing current youth issues



In 2019/20 we held 45 open access sessions (ESCAPE and Future) with 343 attendances of young people

SuperSONIC logo.png

SuperSONIC is for young people with Autism or Down's Syndrome providing them with a club night at their own pace with organised activities (and sometimes outings)



In 2019/20 we ran 46 clubs or trips with 491 attendances of young people with additional needs

1:1 mentoring

Our mentoring sessions aim to support young people who are often struggling at School or College to develop their self-belief, emotional resilience and positive relationships


In 2019/20 we held 267 individual mentoring sessions with young people in a school or college setting


Group mentoring

Previously called Inclusion, our group mentoring programmes aim to improve mental health by cultivating good self-esteem, and finding strategies to cope with anxiety, stress, frustration or anger



In 2019/20 we held

66 group mentoring sessions with 311 attendances of young people


Strategically bringing together key people, supporting practitioners and volunteers who provide services
for young people and giving opportunities for young people to have a voice



In 2019/20 we held

1 Youth Conference, and 3 strategic partnership meetings


Want to know even more detail?  Including the Chairman's comment, how we are funded and how we spend that funding?  

Our full report and accounts can be downloaded from the Charities Commission website.