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Let's talk numbers.  What have we achieved?  How many young people have we supported?  Our facts and figures broken down by project.



& Holiday


After School and Holiday Hangouts provide activities in a safe space to have fun, meet with friends and have access to experienced youth workers

Building confidence, self-esteem and friendships whilst playing games and having fun.


Journey is for young people who are already Christian, or who want to explore faith in an open and inclusive way.

Providing a safe space to discuss the ‘big questions’ of life, and a place to hang out with others who share their beliefs.


Our mentoring sessions aim to support young people who are often struggling at School or College to develop their self-belief, emotional resilience and positive relationships

Cultivating good self-esteem, and learning strategies to cope with anxiety, stress, frustration or anger

SuperSONIC logo.png

SuperSONIC is for young people with Autism or Down's Syndrome providing them with a club night at their own pace with organised activities (and sometimes outings)

Having fun in a safe, kind, nurturing environment.

Young Carers logo.png

We run the East Hants Young Carers Programme, which gives respite to young people who are caring for a relative.

Providing the opportunity to meet with other carers and to have time out to be a young person and the opportunity to talk things through.


Want to know even more detail?  Including the Chairman's comment, how we are funded and how we spend that funding?  

Our full report and accounts can be downloaded from the Charities Commission website.

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