We follow 6 guiding values in everything we do, encouraging the young people to also adopt them in their lives within The King's Arms environment, their  family homes and the wider community. 


Inspiring and challenging young people with the opportunities around them, and motivating them to fulfil their purpose and potential.  Always investing in 'you could' possibilities.


Being welcoming and approachable, valuing each person and showing respect to one another.  We encourage tolerance and appreciate differences.


We pride ourselves and our young people on being accountable, building trust and honesty and offering consistency - doing what you say you will do.


Defining us by our commonality giving purpose, energy and love.  Everyone matters as we serve one another, going the extra mile, having the important conversations.


Valuing yourself, others and the environment and treating others as you would want to be treated yourself.  We focus on being a part of a community where we show empathy, care and love whilst inspiring self-esteem and confidence.


We aim to represent high standards whilst acting with discernment and wisdom.  Essentially, giving the best we can and delivering what we set out to do.