Woo hoo! After seven years of looking, we finally have a new home - for those of you who don't already know, our new centre will be at 20 Dragon Street, the former JSW restaurant.  It will allow us more flexibility and possibilities for future activities with the young people of Petersfield and the wider East Hants community. We hope to officially open our doors in September 2020, once we've made the necessary changes, and we look forward to welcoming the young people into the new centre.  

If you want to learn more about KA Petersfield, or can help support the development of services for young people or the building through finances or volunteering, please contact Mandy at Mandy@thekingsarms.org.uk



get involved

Although COVID-19 has meant that our Youth Centres have been closed, we are still there for our young people. You can find quizzes, challenges and funny content on Instagram: @ka_athome or perhaps join one of our many zoom groups which include After-School, Young Carers, SuperSONIC, Remind (anxiety course) and much more.  

Talk Privately

Our Youth Workers are available each weekday from 3.30-4.15pm to chat with young people on a 1:1 basis.  During this time, just click the red "Let's Chat" button in the bottom right of your screen.

Maybe you're worried about school, or struggling with current issues, or maybe you just want a different someone to talk to, we’re still here for you.  


More about the kitchen, the planters out front and fundraising....

Mandy, Services Manager


Bats and the roof, signage, kitchen developments and more - here's an update...

Ben, Youth Worker


It's official!  We are now the very proud owners of  20 Dragon Street - let me show you around.

Caroline, Operations Manager





What will the new youth centre look like?

Please keep an eye out on our website or Facebook feed. We will be posting videos showing you around the space and discussing what we will be using each area for.

how did you manage to buy this building?

We were very privileged to have received two major donations from trust funds. We had planned for a fundraising campaign to ask for local support to help fund the difference however Covid-19 hit and instead we have taken a mortgage for £250,000.

What alterations need to be done?

There are a few changes that need to be made for it to be safe and usable for young people. In the main these include:

  • Major remedial works to the roof

  • Maintenance to gutters, pointing, windows

  • Removing a wall for safeguarding reasons

  • Fixing a hole in the road to the side of the building

  • Minor changes like glass in doors, rails, removing some carpet

  • Replacing the kitchen

  • Decorating and making good

How much will all of the building works cost and how are you covering the cost?

 We expect this will cost about £100,000 in total. We have money in our reserves, a few people have started donating and we are currently applying for grants. We would love anyone who feels able to support us to donate to this work or the mortgage.  We hear daily of young people who desperately need our support; need your support. 

When will you start the building work?

The final bat survey came back clear, so our roof repairs have begun!  We have also spoken to the Conservation Officer about the rest and now have a clearer idea about what we can update, we hope to start that in the next few weeks.

When will it all be finished and ready to

host young people?

We are aiming for September and the new school year. We know that we will need to see what the government advice is at the time and will look creatively as how we can open. We particularly hope we could be a support to the local school if we can provide more accommodation for young people during the school day.  It's all very exciting!

Exciting times!  Collecting the keys to our new centre.




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