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Working together to support local families


Just before the Easter school break, staff members from The King’s Arms Petersfield Youth Project prepared food hampers to support 25 young people and their families during these difficult times.  A further 13 siblings and approximately 57 adults were also supported, for an estimated total of 95 people.


The Petersfield Food Bank generously donated an entire vanload of non-perishable food, household items, and personal care supplies.  Additional non-perishable and perishable items were purchased from Booker, Aldi and Lidl.  Funding for these purchases came from The Hampshire Young Carers Alliance and local private trusts. 


On ‘Hamper Day’, King’s Arms staff, trustees and volunteers took over the courtyard and kitchen of the new youth centre at 20 Dragon Street to organise the provisions.  Methodically sorting the items into 25 sets, each with several carrier bags full and a box wrapped in a beautiful red ribbon.   Careful social distancing was maintained at all times!  With the perishable items added at the very end, the hampers were loaded into various vehicles and distributed in the afternoon.

Hamper car.jpg
Hamper group.jpg

Each delivery allowed King’s Arms staff members to engage in person with the young people or a member of their household, reinforcing our support and re-engaging with them during these difficult times. 


In addition to food items and supplies, the Petersfield Food Bank donated two food vouchers per hamper for food stalls from Petersfield Market vendors and a handwritten postcard for the young person.


Through Petersfield’s Agencies Working Together Forum, local organisations and charities communicate and collaborate with projects such as this.  Many thanks to everyone involved!

Stay informed


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