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Our After School provision in both Petersfield and Alton is our opportunity to meet and make regular contact with young people, creating connections for when they need us. We continue to use the Three Crowns Framework to target specific issues and challenges that we identify. In 2019/20 we held 236 After School and Holiday Hangout sessions with 3188 attendances of young people.

Making an addition to our usual programme in Petersfield we ran 4 "Holiday Hangout" days during the summer holidays, all of which were well attended; we also ran a special one off event with boxer Steven Addison. Steven
inspired the young people with his amazing story of how he turned his life around from gang member to role model. At the end of the 2019 summer term we were sad that Nawaf left the staff team, making our 3-day Level Up programme also during the summer holidays his last sessions.


After School club started back in September with our regular team of awesome and reliable volunteers and in October Caleb and Martha joined the team as Junior Youth Workers. With this strong team we met weekly to develop a great programme across the Open Access projects, making the sessions as consistent, accessible and appealing to as many young people as possible by having a game, activity and craft for each week. These activities were linked by a common theme encouraging our young people to try each one whilst bringing an important subject to their attention. Some of the topics that we covered were: Climate change, remembrance, healthy eating and setting goals. We also tried a few activities that would bring all of the young people that attend the King's Arms together, this included our KA Identity wall where we encouraged as many young people as possible to draw themselves on a little piece of paper, these were then cut out to make a collage of the broad range of young people that attend KA. 


We are really excited to report on growing developments in Alton. The Tuesday After school drop-in was developed from our targeted Anxiety course which we ran in May. The group has seen a number of new faces join - young people, volunteers and KA team members - and this change has been handled well by all of those involved. The young people have harnessed our value of inclusivity and a number of friendships have evolved. It has been great to see the confidence of these young people grow alongside their sense of belonging and ownership for the group. We were running sessions in the Community Centre and whilst they have been welcoming and accommodating, the building itself is not built for our purpose so has put limitations on what we can offer. One such example is the number of young people we can accommodate, leading us to focus on referrals rather than advertising to the entire secondary school community. We hope that once our new building is ready, we are able to open up the intake and integrate more lads into the group. Despite these challenges we managed to open up an extra After School day which has flourished.



When B first came to our groups they were

shy, they didn't interact much with the other young people but seemed to want to, and they could barely hold eye contact. We have seen a huge growth in all of these areas. B now more confidently starts conversations, holding the attention of the room as they tell stories and jokes and even instigate some game play which is a real leap in confidence. On occasion they have started the session withdrawn and quiet and by the time they leave they seem relaxed, happy and more at peace having found a place that accepts them just as they are. B has also become stronger at asking for what they need, for example asking to make a stressball as a craft activity to help them stay calm or approaching an adult to talk to. Over time they have shared with us some really difficult situations that they have had to cope with in their life. Through these conversations they have shown growth in appropriate trust, friendships and their sense of belonging, and their anxieties have lessened. It has been lovely to see.


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