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In 2019/20 we ran 50 monthly Young Carers' clubs or trips with 597 attendances, 102 school support clubs with 291 attendances and 
124 one to one mentoring sessions.

The King's Arms continues to run the Young Carers Programme in the East Hants region, providing vital respite to young people who are caring for a relative. Our club brings together Young Carers from across the district, allowing them the opportunity to make and develop friendships with others who understand exactly what they are going through. This is their time to have fun, enjoy a meal or maybe go on a day trip together. We also provide support in school.

To monitor the progress of our work with Young Carers, we continue to use the Three Crowns framework, this enables us to visibly see the positive impact that the programme is having on their lives and those of their families. This year we have had 21 new referrals and once again they are in the age group 8-12 year olds. We are saddened at the high number of referrals, but pleased that we can be a part of their early intervention team helping to provide the support these families so vitally need. We have found that isolation is a particular challenge for Young Carers, and it is something they report to us often. Our programme helps them to feel less isolated and more supported in their roles; they are not alone and with the right support they know it's ok to be a Young Carer.

One of the challenges this year has been to introduce exploration groups to our Young Carers. The idea of an exploration groups is to help the Young Carers to feel more supported and confident to face the future. We trialled this from September at our club nights. We also tried to run an art programme alongside our normal club night, twice a
month for the two older groups, some of the Young Carers really enjoyed these evenings. However the challenge was trying to run two groups at the same time as well as continuing to eat supper altogether, which is important to us as a group. After Christmas we chose to run the exploration groups as one session using the three crowns as a guide to the areas the Young Carers needed most support with, this has worked really well.


Staff changes affected us again this year, Nawaf left us in July however we did manage to recruit two new staff members Charlie and Agnes, who then joined the team from September. Mandy returned to running the evening groups as well as continuing with an oversight role. We have continued with groups in Petersfield this year, introducing the Alton based 11+ young people to the Alton After School provision to try and build a core group of young people in Alton. Going forward we aim to raise funds so that we can continue to run trips and be able to put on at least one whole-family event to make sure we have a holistic approach to supporting the Young Carers.


F is 11 and is getting ready to transition to senior school in September. They are a carer for their Mum and older sibling, who has autism. We have been seeing this young person on a 1-1 basis for mentoring over the last year, as well as seeing them regularly at two club nights per month. Life is very stressful for them as their older sibling has violent outbursts and very challenging behaviours. Mum struggles with her own mental health as she is a single parent.  Despite their own anxieties around transitioning to seniors and the stress of home they make sure they have time to attend Young Carers; in their words, it is "my second home". They come to Young Carers' club night for a break and to be among other young people in similar situations, where they can really relax and enjoy being a young person for a couple of hours.



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Our full report and accounts can be downloaded from the Charities Commission website.