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Youthlink is about making connections. It’s about connecting different components together with the central theme of ‘YOUNG PEOPLE’.

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Youthlink feeds into the East Hampshire Strategic Children and Young People's Partnership, looking at trends and issues

across the district to fill gaps in provision.

The Partnership is made up of senior members from The King's Arms, Children's Services, the Police, Young Offenders Team, CAMHS, School representatives and EHDC.


Youthlink is about sharing knowledge, best practice and supporting those who work with young people.  We have annual forums to discuss topical subjects that affect the community and smaller Youth Worker Together forums to support and up-skill Youth Workers, shaping what we deliver in the region.

Regular newsletters are provided to keep the community up-to-date.

young people

Youthlink hosts an annual Youth Conference for groups of year 9&10 students from the secondary schools in the region every year.  We also develops awareness of what services are available to young people.


So many agencies, charities, service organisations and programme leaders are dedicated to serving and supporting young people.  Establishing strong communication networks enable everyone to help young people by sharing strategies, services, ideas and good practices.

Lisa Hillan

Progamme Manager - Youthlink 

Latest Newsletters

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The March edition of our Youthlink newsletter includes challenges facing young people right now, upcoming dates for the Youth Workers Together forum and ReMind facillitator training and more.

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The January edition of our Youthlink newsletter includes new dates for the Youth Workers Together forum, ReMind facillitator training and an introduction to Lisa Hillan, our new Youthlink Programme Manager.

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If you would like to receive regular Youthlink newsletters or find out more about the programme, please subscribe or email Lisa.


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